Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 

Bandai Namco Unveils SoulCalibur VI Concept Art for Astaroth & Voldo


Bandai Namco recently unveiled all new SoulCalibur VI concept illustrations for several characters, including Season 2's recently released Setsuka, last week. To celebrate Astaroth's birthday AKA "manufacturing date" today (September 3rd), Bandai Namco released this stunning concept artwork (below) of SoulCalibur 6's Astaroth, and described the inspirations behind his beastly SC6 design. Scroll down to check out Astaroth's new concepts, in addition to Voldo's that Bandai Namco shared earlier last week.



This is the concept art of Astaroth. He is not a mass production model, but the "First Astaroth". With this in mind, the design has been enhanced to be more massive and vicious. The decorations are based on a motif of a snake, the symbol of the Fygul Cestemus.


At the rough draft stage, we considered evolving the design with SC1 as a base. His body itself is a weapon, so we made sure not to hide his skin too much. The "core" of his chest is also one of his characteristics, so it can't be removed.


This is the concept art of Voldo. The design is based on "Spider" and is reversible, a design inherited from the 2P of SC3. The front and back are contrasting with "Man and Woman" and "Squire and Noble". The crescent silhouette of the head is also a key point.


In the rough draft stage, we sought to blend the revealing restraints with the aristocratic formal wear. His ability to fight from both the front and behind is his signature, so we designed with that in mind from the start.


Naturally, these concepts have been added to respective TFG Character Profiles and Art Galleries for SoulCalibur 6.

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 Source:  SoulCalibur (Twitter)   

Bandai Namco Shares SoulCalibur VI Setsuka Concept Art

Bandai Namco shared some beautiful new concept illustrations for Setsuka's new appearance in SoulCalibur VI. In addition to the new images, the dev team provided captions detailing some of the inspirations behind Setsuka's costume design. Her final costume design was meant to resemble "a blend of Japanese and Western style female fencer." 
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