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November 29th, 2020
Soul Calibur 6 Hwang Ultra HD Screenshots

Yesterday, Bandai Namco announced Hwang as Soul Calibur VI Season 2's final DLC fighter, dropping his reveal trailer and release date (Dec. 2nd). Today, we get to check out official HD screenshots of the new Hwang! Old school dans will notice Hwang's new look is a significant diversion from his earlier appearances. Interestingly, some elements of Hwang's visual design in SC6 resemble that of a Bloodborne Hunter...

Throwback Article July 2019
Mike Tyson Tells ESPN He "Had No Idea" About Balrog

American boxing legend Mike Tyson recently made an entertaining appearance on ESPN's eSports show. After Tyson went a few rounds in Mario Kart 8, ESPN's Arda Ocal brought up Balrog. Arda asked Tyson if he knows the history behind Balrog's name being changed from "M. Bison" in the Japanese version of SF2. Tyson replied "No, I had no idea.". >_> Wait a sec... did Balrog's existence actually elude Mike Tyson for the past 28 years?!?

November 28th, 2020
Hwang Revealed for SoulCalibur VI Season 2

This morning, Bandai Namco officially revealed series veteran Hwang Sung Kyung as SoulCalibur 6 Season 2's final DLC character. Hwang will join the game on December 2nd, 2020. Alongside Hwang, a new stage called "Motien Pass Ruins", Seong Mi-na's classic costume parts, and new story mode episodes will also be added to the game for free. Additionally, new TEKKEN character creation parts will also become available. Check out Hwang's reveal trailer!

November 27th, 2020
Guilty Gear Official Limited Store Opens in Japan

Today, Arc System Works opened an official limited merch store in Japan to celebrate the Guilty Gear franchise and the upcoming release of Guilty Gear -STRIVE-. The store is located at the Akihabara Container at Chom-Chom Akihabara and will feature a variety of exclusive Guilty Gear series merchandise for fans to purchase, including: t-shirts, hoodies, hats, wall scrolls, posters, stickers, and even an acrylic clock resembling the GGXX character selection screen.

November 27th, 2020
SFV: Champion Edition Akira Kazama Stage Concept Art, Character Models / Costumes Leaked

If you're one of the many who are looking forward to Rival Schools' Akira Kazama joining Street Fighter V's roster next Summer, you're in for an early surprise today. New visual content of Akira and her Rival Schools-themed stage has been leaked (via data-mining), providing a very early look at what to expect in SFV's Summer 2021 update. Also take a look at some early character models of alternate costumes for Dan Hibiki and Rose.

November 24th, 2020
Mortal Kombat 11 Klassic Movie Skin Pack, All Voiceover Intros

Today, NetherRealm Studios revealed a brand new DLC skin pack consisting of 3 iconic characters with new skins (and voiceovers) based on likenesses of actors from the original 1995 Mortal Kombat movie. The Klassic Movie Skin Pack for Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage and Raiden is available for purchase starting today. Watch the official trailer previewing the new MK11: Ultimate DLC skins along with all of the new voiceover intros!

November 21st, 2020
The King of Fighters XV Information Coming Early 2021

KOF fans have been waiting patiently for details on SNK's confirmed yet secretive new installment of their flagship 2D fighting series, The King of Fighters XV. News on the project has been absolutely scarce nonexistent since SNK confirmed KOF XV was in development back in August 2019. Thanks to a recent interview with SNK's Yasuyuki Oda, we now know that new KOF XV information will be arriving in "Early 2021".

November 20th, 2020
Rumor: Street Fighter 6, Power Stone Remake, and Final Fight Remake Revealed in Capcom Leak

Earlier this month, Capcom reported it was the victim of a cyber-attack which led to unauthorized access to its network and development schedule for the next four years. IGN reported that new information about upcoming (unannounced) games, and their release dates, have allegedly leaked onto the internet. According to the leak, Capcom is planning Street Fighter 6, a Power Stone Remake, and a Final Fight Remake.

November 18th, 2020
Bandai Namco and HIROAKI Share Early SoulCalibur 6 Concept Art & Designs for Grh

Over the past several months, Bandai Namco has shared some amazing early concepts and designs for veteran SoulCalibur VI characters. Today, lead artist HIROAKI (who you might remember worked on many old school KOF / SNK games) posted some of his early concepts for SC6 newcomer, Grh. As you can see from this amazing batch of concept artwork, Grh's design went through some drastic changes before his final version appeared in SoulCalibur 6.

November 17th, 2020
Capcom Store Osaka Celebrates Grand Opening with a Life-size Ryu Shoryuken Statue

One year ago, Capcom celebrated their official merchandise store opening in Tokyo at PARCO Shibuya. Capcom Store Tokyo features a life-size Ryu statue throwing a Hadouken, which has become a popular spot for tourists and locals to take photos. This month, Capcom Store Osaka has officially opened at Shinsaibashi PARCO mall and has an equally impressive life-size Ryu statue on display this one performing a Shoryuken.

November 17th, 2020
SFV: Champion Edition Cammy x Blaire Costume

Starting today, the next Street Fighter V: Champion Edition x Fighting EX Layer crossover costume becomes unlockable in the game's Extra Battle mode. Joining Ryu (as Kairi) and Karin (as Hokuto), Cammy now has her very own FEXL crossover costume based on the blue-haired, high-kicking heroine, Blaire Dame. Inside, take a look at some official screenshots of Cammy dressed as FEXL's Blaire.

November 13th, 2020
TEKKEN - The Mishima Hairline (Animation)

If you've been itching for a new TEKKEN movie... the wait is over. The best TEKKEN comedy movie has arrived it even sticks to the original storyline and it's only two and a half minutes long. YouTuber / Animator Speedoru released TEKKEN - The Mishima Hairline today, which dives deep into the backstory and history of the Mishimas and explains why Kazuya originally sought revenge against Heihachi. It's freakin' hilarious and animated brilliantly.

November 12th, 2020
Steam Fighting Game Sale Begins Today, Ends Nov. 16

If you're looking to expand your fighting game library on PC, Steam just began a special fighting game sale which runs from today until next Monday, November 16th (10am PT). The Steam sale includes massive discounts on big name fighting games as well as indies and even beat-em-up titles! Many great titles are marked down from 50%-80% off, so now's a perfect time to pick up some excellent fighting games on PC!

November 12th, 2020
Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Developer's Backyard #4, New Details on Giovanna & Nagoriyuki

Arc System Works just released their latest behind-the-scenes dev-blog. The fourth volume of the Developer's Backyard updates fans on the latest happenings with Guilty Gear -STRIVE- and reveals all new details on 2 of the game's newcomers: Giovanna and Nagoriyuki. Katano from the Arc System Works development team talks more about not only each character's backstory but their in-game abilities as well. You might just be able to decide on a future main based on the new details provided...

November 9th, 2020
All New Moves in TEKKEN 7 Season 4 (Video)

Popular YouTuber and TEKKEN streamer, TheMainManSWE, put together a handy 5-minute video showcasing every new move added in TEKKEN 7 Season 4 for every character. Certain veteran characters received more new content than others, as you'll find out by watching the video. MainMan also included the move names for reference, and demonstrated a few ways to incorporate some of the new techniques into your playstyle.

November 9th, 2020
Season 4 of TEKKEN 7 is Live, 4.00 Patch Notes

Bandai Namco has officially launched Season 4 of TEKKEN 7. The version 4.00 update data is now downloadable on Steam, PS4 & XB1. New moves are available for all characters and adjustments were made to the game balance. Tekken Prowess, online improvements with rollback netcode enhancements, and Tekken God Omega rank is now live. Kunimitsu and the Vermillion Gates stage will be added to the game tomorrow. Here are the full patch notes!

November 7th, 2020
TEKKEN 7 Season 4 Official Release Date Trailer, New Kunimitsu Costumes Revealed

Bandai Namco officially confirmed TEKKEN 7 Season 4's release date as November 10th, 2020, the day Kunimitsu and the Vermillion Gates stage become available. The patch update adding online improvements (rollback enhancement, rank overhaul) will be released a day earlier on Nov. 9th, confirmed by Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter. Additionally, Bandai Namco dropped a new S4 trailer showing new costumes for Kunimitsu and new moves!

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