POSTED:  Wednesday, October 12th, 2016     (10-18-2016)

TFG Exclusive: Street Fighter V - "Aegis Ambition" 99 Urien Combos!


99 Urien Combos... 1 video. Need I say more? TFG's latest exclusive combo music video, "Aegis Ambition" features 99+ SFV Urien combos of varying difficulty levels and in a wide variety of situations, such as:  Counter Hit, Crush Counter, Anti-Air, Corner Combos, Reflector Combos, and also some "surprises". Aegis Ambition also debuts an ultra- unique "Combo Counter" which will inform you on how many combos have been performed as you're watching! (I believe it's the first of it's kind?) Anyway, grab a cold one and enjoy the 17-minute video presentation below.

[UPDATE] Near the end of Aegis Ambition (around 16:03), I demonstrate an interesting glitch that I discovered during the making of this video, which I dubbed Urien's "Knee Drop Cancel". Soon after posting the video, this glitch quickly became a subject of interest among the SFV combo community, as TOOLASSISTED later found that this glitch was possible against a number of projectiles (only if they are kara-canceled).

Desk then made a video showing how the glitch can be used to combo into a grab (which shouldn't be possible). After Desk's findings, TOOLASSISTED then discovered that the glitch actually enables a "full-screen grab" glitch. Crazy stuff.


According to Desk, this glitch is particularly "very, very strange" and there's undoubtedly more to be discovered about it and how it can be activated / deactivated.

So... *takes a bow*... I must say I'm humbled (and proud) to have found yet another interesting SFV glitch for the community to experiment with. I'm glad TOOLASSISTED and Desk were able to discover more about the glitch, as they can explain the details of it better than I ever could. (By the way, the first SFV glitch I discovered was the Ryu Infinite EX Effect glitch. That's two SFV glitches under my name so far!) ~TFG Webmaster
/ FYagami

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