POSTED:  Sunday, August 19th, 2018          (Aug. 23rd, 2018)

Dead or Alive 6 Hitomi and Lei Fang Screenshots, Character Renders, Gamescom '18 Trailer


It appears Koei Tecmo has plans to officially reveal returning characters Hitomi and Lei Fang for Dead or Alive 6 at this week's upcoming Gamescom 2018 in Koeln, Germany. High-resolution screenshots of Hitomi and Lei Fang have leaked a bit early, showing the two female fighters battling it out on a new "pirate-themed" stage, called Forbidden Fortune, which features a giant Kraken interrupting the fight. After checking out the new DOA6 screenshots, take a look at the full-quality character renders for Hitomi and Lei Fang, below. [UPDATE] Official gameplay trailer from Koei Tecmo & 12-minute gameplay video from IGN added.














Dead or Alive 6 is currently planned for an "Early 2019" release.

Sources:  Koei TecmoGematsuIGN
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