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Soul Calibur 6 Battle Mechanics Blog with Producer Okubo


Bandai Namco Entertainment posted a Soul Calibur VI blog with Producer Motohiro Okubo. Having worked on TEKKEN 7 (which is still enjoying a lucrative competitive scene after several years), Okubo is applying "key lessons" for designing SC6's gameplay system. The blog details each of SC6's battle mechanics, including: Reversal Edge, Soul Charge, Lethal Hit, and Guard Impact, and outlines why both experienced & new players should enjoy the mechanics. Below is the latest information on SC6's mechanics straight from Bandai Namco.


When we first started development, the team discussed one of the most difficult tasks in fighting game development, “How can we approach and design battle mechanics to help new comers or newbies have fun, excel, and compete against players that have more knowledge and experience?” 

We really want everyone to have a great time playing the game, even against more skilled players, but how exactly are you able to do that in a fair way? 

In comes the Reversal Edge! 

When a player executes the reversal edge and is successfully able to land it, the game triggers a slow motion sequence. We really want the player to feel like an “accomplished swordsman”. Here this sequence essentially turns into a mini-game of paper-scissors-rock where each player has a finite number of options at their disposal. The Reversal Edge helps newer players compete by eliminating the need for crazy, in-depth character knowledge and makes it more about mind-reading and guessing what your opponent will do. If you choose the correct action/option, you will be rewarded with some guaranteed damage. 

In addition, this tool is extremely useful as it automatically parries oncoming hits. This is helpful to newcomers that are getting used to the blocking system in the game. The longer a player holds down on the Reversal Edge button, the more attacks he or she is able to parry. 

“Why did the team integrate the Reversal Edge when Guard Impact is already in-game?” 

The Guard Impact system, a bread and butter mechanic in the SOULCALIBUR series, has similar, but very distinct and different applications. The Guard Impact is geared more towards skilled players as they have more game and character knowledge to accurately read and predict attacks and combo strings whereas the Reversal Edge is for new comers, but also carries deeper tactical layers that complement the SOULCALIBUR VI gameplay as a whole.

“I’m a pro-level, tournament player... Why would I use this?” 

More skilled players will utilize this tool because it effectively allows you to build meter, which in turn, gives access to the Critical Edge and Soul Charge systems. Plus, winning in Reversal Edge doesn’t mean that winning the battle will be contingent on luck or quick timing alone, as we are implementing many mechanisms to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We have designed this system so advanced players will also have benefits under specific circumstances.  We look forward to seeing all players, new and old, explore and discover this new and exciting system.


The Soul Charge system makes its return from previous iterations of the game, but carries very different functions. As this is a meter-based game, the Soul Charge, like the Critical Edge, give players important tools. They can either execute a Critical Edge to deal immediate, massive damage, or utilize a Soul Charge, which enables players to power-up their character to do more damage for a limited time AND grant access to additional moves only available in this state which adds another wrinkle into strategic gameplay. You’ll also notice that some characters have unique visual properties in this state and will drastically change. 

In SOULCALIBUR VI, the way the gauge is used will determine the everyone’s unique play style. There is no right or wrong way of using the Soul Gauge, so please find your unique way of fighting and enjoying the game.


Different for every character, but if successfully landed, triggers a devastating, slow-motion attack that opens up the opponent for a follow-up attack to deal more guaranteed damage. Lethal Hit is for more experienced players who would like to show their strength. Lethal Hit can’t be triggered easily and can be a good indicator for the players’ level. The players who are able to pull of many Lethal Hits are definitely more experienced. In addition, you’ll notice that if Lethal Hits are landed, you are able to breakaway opponent’s armor and costumes making it extra satisfying. Characters are likely to show the wear and tear of extreme battles from round to round. 


A lot of the mechanics I have described in this post are extremely satisfying to use as a player, but equally as satisfying to watch as a spectator. These new systems provide the “Oooh & Ahhh” moments that were not present in the franchise before. This is something that we instilled in TEKKEN 7 and really wanted to mirror in SOULCALIBUR VI.  We want people to have fun playing, as well as spectating! 

Soul Calibur VI will release on October 19th, 2018 for PS4, XB1 and PC.

Source:  Bandai Namco
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