Cracker Jack
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In Street Fighter EX, Cracker Jack is a guard for Shadaloo, lead by M.Bison, and prefers to work alone. When the organization assigned many young, inexperienced grunts to work for him and learn how to intimidate, Crackerjack took offense. He proceeded to teach the grunts their first lesson - how to deal with pain and recover from serious injuries.
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Street Fighter EX

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Street Fighter EX2, Street Fighter EX3, Fighting Ex Layer

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Page Updated:  June 19th, 2024

At the time of his debut, C. Jack seemed like a solid successor to Balrog in the Street Fighter EX series. He's got a cool, stylish look, and some brutal moves to go along with it. Plus, he can also just pull out a baseball bat and smash you with it! What Street Fighter character ever did that? Heh. He's actually one of my favorite characters of the EX series... both as a design and to use.

Looking back at the design, his original attire is definitely awkward. Wearing a tie around his bare neck like that? Uhh... that's cool I guess, maybe??? lol. Clearly, his SFEX2 outfit is more acceptable, though possibly less "original-looking". In any case, the dude's sideburns are boss.

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