Elias Patrick


Born into a high class family, Elias was taught to follow a strict religious life. One day, a member of his family was mysteriously killed, and he was charged with the murder... While in prison, he perfected his fighting skills. After being released, he traveled to America where he met Oni and Cass, two orphans. He took them into his care... He sensed there was an evil spirit in them both, and tried to put his finger on it, but failed. One day, both Cass and Oni disappeared. He searches for them. While on his journey, he met a young girl, Alice, and felt the same evil spirit inside of her.

Rage of the Dragons



Power Instinct Matrimelee


Page Updated:  Nov. 6th, 2019

Besides looking a bit like Ozzy Ozbourne, Elias doesn't offer much of anything innovative to the fighting game realm. His fighting style and personality are odd and unrefined... not to mention a lot of his animations & mannerisms are pretty lame. For example, he probably has one of the all time worst walking animations. Seriously, he walks like an idiot. To top it all off, his outfit is very awkward.

The only funny/interesting element about this design is that he looks like Ozzy... and while Elias is a religious man, Ozzy, of course, isn't your typical church-goer. Such Irony.


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