Hayato Nekketsu
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Hayato Nekketsu is a physical education teacher at Taiyo High. In that game, his plot is to find the source of the school abductions, as he believes the students are unable to do so themselves. In Project Justice, he joins fellow teachers Hideo and Kyoko in investigating the new set of kidnappings a year later. He likes red jerseys, fighting spirit and attractive women (this includes fellow teacher Kyoko, which causes a heated rivalry with Hideo); he dislikes bad manners, laziness, and things that his mother and father never found to be important, and he seems to love corporal punishment as his main weapon is a kendo sword that he hits opponents with. His last name, Nekketsu, literally means "hot-blooded" in Japanese... a perfect description of his personality.

Rival Schools


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Project Justice

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Page Updated:  Mar. 28th, 2020

If there were more teachers like Hayato, we'd have more disciplined youth out there. You get out of line = you get smacked on the head with a Kendo stick? Fuck yes. Epic win. Hayato makes me want to be a phys-ed teacher... although I'm not sure how long I'd last  in the American school system... before someone took legal action against me for busting up some wise-ass kids. :D

Anyway, Hayato is a great design all around. He's somewhat simple visually, but what do you expect from a gym teacher? Most importantly, his charisma shines through very clearly in the game, making him an unmistakable badass... not to mention he's funny as hell. Hayato doesn't take any shit from anyone! lol. His appearance in the Project Justice storyline was also memorable, and fleshed out his persona even more. Hayato is a "support character" in the series when it comes down to it... you're not going to see him on any covers, but I really don't think the series would be the same without him. He's definitely one of my favorite designs in Rival Schools, and a very underrated character. You just have to love how he takes his aggression out on  the students with his kendo stick... do some push-ups kiddo, and like it! *WHACK!!!*

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