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Hideo Shimazu

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Hideo may not look like it, but he's actually a person with a gentlemanly demeanor. He also possesses a strong sense of justice and leads a serious personal life--no alcohol nor smoking, ever. To further prove that, he is a ninth dan master of karate, as evident in his mastery of the Shimazu style of the martial art. When his father, the director of the dojo, passed away, a huge fight over the estate ensued. The quarrel eventually became full of hatred, and he was stripped of his rights to inheriting whatever his father had left behind. His speech and social skills need some honing, though. Now in his forties, he is looking for a wife.

Hideo first appears in Rival Schools, introduced as a Japanese language teacher who is sent along with Kyoko to recruit students to the school. The game's story has Hideo eventually brainwashed by the school's principal and forced to bring in students the school, but is snapped out of the brainwashing by students from Taiyo High School. Hideo's story has him show some concern for Kyoko and his ending, he proposes to her.

In Project Justice, he and Kyoko, along with fellow teacher Hayato, investigate who is responsible for the new attacks on the school and eventually discover that a student at Justice, Kurow, is responsible. In story mode, Hideo is playable in the Justice High School, with the ending showing him hospitalized from the investigation, due to him rescuing a presumably dead Hyo from the burning Justice High building.

Rival Schools: United by Fate

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Project Justice, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Namco X Capcom

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Page Updated:  May 26th, 2022

Hideo is funny and entertaining stereotype of a Japanese school teacher... making him an original fighting game character design, right off the bat. Hideo also seems to have stolen M. Bison's shoulder pads and some of Ryu's moves, which in turn makes him instantly noticeable (and possibly likeable) to most Street Fighter fans. Actually, his fighting style does that as well, since Hideo has several "shoto-like" moves including Hadoukens and Hurricane Kicks.

If you give him a chance, Hideo a pretty cool design visually, even though he's somewhat simple. A design for a "teacher" shouldn't be that extravagant anyway, so I think Capcom nailed it in that sense. His hair also cracks me up... and I think that's a hairpiece he's wearing. Damn, Edayan's lines are so f*cking good. ;) I don't think Rival Schools would be the same without Hideo, he definitely has a cemented place in the series. No doubt he and Kyoko make a badass (and hilarious) team.

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