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Hyo Imawano
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Hyo Imawano is the mastermind behind the events that occurred during the Rival Schools storyline, with his main goal to take over all of Japan. Hyo is ultimately defeated by students from Taiyo High School, which include his twin brother Kyosuke. Hyo is also playable in the game, with his ending showing him successful in his plans but regretting having to defeat Kyosuke in doing so. However, this ending is not canonical.

In Project Justice, Hyo appears as the final boss of the game, but is not the main antagonist. In most of the game's Story Mode, he initially appears to defeat Kurow Kirishima, who had been shown brainwashing Hyo earlier in the storyline. Afterwards, he is shown being taken over by his father's spirit, where he becomes Demon Hyo, the final boss of the game. Again he is defeated by Kyosuke, but dies from the fight.
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Rival Schools: United By Fate

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Project Justice, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Jan. 6th, 2023

As the main villain of the Rival Schools series, Hyo definitely looks the part. His "modern meets traditional" attire is totally badass, if you ask me... and he truly has a unique look as an overall design. Hyo's twisted and mysterious personality also fits his place in the series perfectly, and his fighting style is no disappointment either.

He's definitely a fun character to use, although I wish he had a few more unique moves. Overall, he's a badass design and easily one of my top favorite characters from the Rival Schools series. His alter-ego, "Demon Hyo" is also badass... but I personally think his original form beats his powered up version. On a side note, I've been waiting to see Hyo crossover to another fighting game or two... Although, I think Hyo might just be "too badass" to be in certain games. lol. He's definitely too badass for Street Fighter.

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