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A first year Justice HS student, he is in fact an Imawano ninja with the mission of eliminating Hyo and Raizo, both now enemies of the Imawano clan. He however approaches his mission not with loyalty to the clan, but with his own opportunist designs to take over the schools in the process. With expertise in brainwashing and impersonation as well as total amorality, he sets up the Dark Side Student Congress and begins plotting to turn the students of the different schools against each other, targeting Raizo as his first victim and almost succeeding in killing him. He however fails to realize until too late that both Hyo and Mugen have outwitted him. Yurika is his sister.

Kurow Kirishima is the main antagonist of Project Justice, but this is not revealed until later on in the story. He makes various appearances throughout different stories early on in the game's story mode, either as himself or as Vatsu, a doppelganger of Batsu Ichimonji. His actions include either attacking various groups of students with his lackeys - his sister Yurika, Momo, and a brainwashed Daigo - or having them do his dirty work for him.

At a certain point, Kurow unveils himself as the mastermind behind the recent upheaval among the schools. He explains that he is sent by the ninja clan the Imawano family was a part of to assassinate Batsu, Raizo, Kyosuke, and Hyo. After being defeated by the group of students selected by the player, he attempts to send a brainwashed Hyo Imawano after the players, only to be betrayed and defeated by Hyo. The sequence following the final fight in story mode reveals Kurow is hospitalized after the attack, but escapes after a few days.

A bonus storyline available in Project Justice, the Darkside Student Council, tells an alternate story in which Kurow's plans to take over the various schools succeeds. The ending for this story has him at the head of Justice High School, shown with the various characters of the series as his brainwashed servants, including his own sister.

Project Justice


SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS


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Page Updated:  Mar. 17th, 2023

Just when you thought Rival Schools villains couldn't get any cooler, Kurow debuted in the sequel with a badass-yet-flamboyantly-cool persona and fighting style. He's a convincing villain in the series who isn't afraid of being a little flamboyant. More often than not, flamboyant villains are the best villains. >;) Actually, Kurow might be my favorite fighting game boss of all time. He's just sinister, mysterious, badass... and he's got a convincing motive and personality. The fact that Kurow "cosplayed" Batsu (as Vatsu) and fooled everyone is one of the funniest/coolest story elements I've ever seen in a fighting game. 

Also, I think his extending claws are f*cking badass. He's got an amazing fighting style / moveset. Such an underrated character. He's got some insanely-cool moves and animations... probably one of the coolest characters to watch in Project Justice. All in all, Kurow is a clever and very underrated fighting game character. While somehow I doubt it would ever happen, I'd love to see Kurow make a comeback or guest appearance in a future crossover fighting game!

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