Nagare Namikawa
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A student of the Gorin's newly-established university branch, Nagare coaches the Gorin college swim team. He is usually quiet and hides his feelings, but his personality changes completely when he is in the water. He is a childhood friend of Shoma, and sets out to find him after he disappears from the school. He joins Natsu and Roberto to investigate the new school attacks after Shoma separates from the group.

FUN FACT: Even though Nagare first appeared in Project Justice / Rival Schools 2, concept artwork of Nagare's design existed in the early development of Rival Schools: United By Fate
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Project Justice


Card Fighters Clash 2



Page Updated:  Jan. 16th, 2022

At first glance, Nagare looks like an appropriate addition to the Gorin high school sports team, but he's also the most bizarre and ridiculous character of the entire Rival Schools series. "Swimming techniques" to fight? The Capcom devs were definitely out there in the late 90's (and we all loved them for it). It's impossible not to laugh at most of Nagare's moveset, especially when you're getting your ass kicked by him swimming at you. lol. Nagare is definitely another one of those weird yet clever "WTF-type" designs from Capcom.

On a more serious note, Nagare's design is artistically inspiring. Great anatomy study. (That moment when Capcom made me notice that nearly all male swimmers have long faces and slender bodies.) 0_o It's pretty awesome that Edayan (main artist of the Rival Schools series) captured this attribute in Nagare's design. Also, shoutouts to Michael Phelps and his 23 Olympic gold medals.

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