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Dio / Neo Dio
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Dio is the final boss of World Heroes 2. Because of the failure of his previous creation, Geegus, Damudo created a new, stronger, better artificial soldier: Dio. However, Dio developed his own consciousness and now roams different eras, killing many people. "Neo Dio" is an improved version of Dio that returns to exact revenge. Neo Dio's name translates into "New God" (and is ironically spelled similarly to Neo Geo). 

Fun Facts: Neo Dio parodies some of Dio Brando's lines from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, including "Wryyy!" and "Muda muda!". Visually, Neo Dio shares a resemblance to Ikuro Hashizawa when he transforms into Baoh, and is apparently based on the "Ultimate Life Forms" of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (hence some of his win quotes).
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World Heroes 2


World Heroes Perfect, Neogeo Battle Coliseum, Card Fighters Clash DS 


Page Updated:  Jan. 8th, 2023

Neo Dio's design was kinda weak in the original World Heroes series, if you ask me. (I've seen better JoJo references in fighting games.) The real Dio says hi, btw. It would be cool to see them fight. Anyway... for the boss of WH2, Neo Dio wasn't a bad design. In the sequels, Dio got some cooler moves and became more fleshed out at least, but there still seemed to be something missing about him.

More importantly, SNK completely revamped and reinvented Neo Dio in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. Yeah, his "darker" version is definitely badass and it was cool to see him cross over into a KOF-style game. After such a long absence (since the World Heroes series died in just a few years), it was totally unexpected and pretty awesome to see Neo Dio actually make a comeback in NGBC. His new moveset and animations in NGBC are incredible!

On a side note, Neo Dio's redesign interestingly shares some similarities with Gill. I guess Gods really don't need to wear clothes.

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