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Sharon was entrusted to a monastery when she was still an infant. As she grew up, Sharon began leading a double life, working as an A-Class agent for a secret intelligence organization, as well as a nun raising orphans at the monastery she was raised at. Having never known her true parents, Sharon spent everyday wondering who they were and whatever happened to them.

One day, Sharon's superiors gave her orders to assassinate a certain individual from a neighboring country. While investigating the crime syndicate her target belonged to, she learned that one of the group's key member has the same rose tattoo she has on her chest. Sharon decided to disregard her duty and infiltrated the syndicate to ascertain the identity of this individual and whether or not the person was related to her. While chasing the person with the rose tattoo, she approached the mastermind of the organization. However, she was unable to capture either. The person with the rose tattoo had the same abilities and fighting style Sharon had, managing to overpower her.

For insubordination against her organization, as well as defying her monastery's commandment on pursuing personal vendettas, Sharon was placed on house arrest for a month. After serving her sentence, Sharon went on to continue her search for the person with the rose tattoo.
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Street Fighter EX2

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Street Fighter EX3, Fighting EX Layer


Page Updated:  Oct. 11th, 2020

Any time I come to this profile, I always hear Ozzy Ozbourne screaming "SHAROOOOON!!!" (Back when MTV was good.)

In case you didn't know, Sharon is officially the first (and only) Street Fighter character to use a gun in gameplay... (so dishonorable)! At the time of EX2's release, I found Sharon to be somewhat interesting... yet slightly visually "boring" for a Street Fighter character at the same time. However, she grew on me and her outfit design is pretty cool. Sharon has a "modern" look & personality... making her pretty unique in the Street Fighter universe. In retrospect, she was a pretty ineffective and slightly unforgettable character in the series. 

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