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"Bad Box Art" Mega Man
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This version of Mega Man is based on the North American box art of the first Mega Man game (1987). This horribly drawn box art contains virtually nothing that can be found in the actual game. Mega Man himself resembles a middle-aged man rather than a boy, his costume is colored yellow and blue instead of being entirely blue, and he is holding a handgun instead of his arm cannon. Over the years, the cover art has become infamous in the gaming community. It has been considered one of the worst game covers of all time. As joke, Capcom included this version of Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken as a playable guest character.
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Street Fighter X Tekken


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Page Updated:  Jan. 29th, 2020

Why would you do this Capcom? You're trying to make your game ugly? You're trying to make such an epic crossover a "joke"? Was this really the time and place to bring back the infamous "Bad Box Art" Megaman? Not so sure. BBA Megaman is so ugly, he gets his OWN character profile! (No chance in hell I was putting any pics of this fool on the real Mega Man profile.) There aren't many FG characters who are intentionally designed to look UGLY... so this design boggles my mind. When looking at this legendary horrendous version of Megaman in the flesh, I don't know whether to cringe or laugh (a little bit of both is usually the case). The fact that this sleazy, fat version of Megaman appears in SFXT proves that Capcom is still off their rocker. A ridiculous, cartoony character like this also compliments Yoshinori Ono's personality. Makes sense. TBH, BBA Megaman is how some characters in SF4 look to me by default. Too cartoony.

In gameplay, you can't help but laugh at this height-challenged fat man with his generic laser gun and crooked helmet. What he does effectively as a joke design is that he even exists in the first place. That's almost deep. O_o No, he doesn't fit into the SFXT roster... at all... and he's not supposed to? Capcom is weird. Step aside Dan, "Mr. Megaman" is the ultimate troll/joke character. Btw, if you lose to BBA Megaman, you should just quit fighting games all together. xD

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