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Brad Hawk
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Brad Hawk is the main protagonist of Urban Reign. His past is a complete mystery and he is none too privy about it. He was hired by a Chinese gang leader, Shun Ying Lee, to sort out the mess in Green Harbor. Brad's fighting style, All-Round, is heavily influenced by Kickboxing, Wrestling and Submission Grappling.


Urban Reign

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Page Updated:  Sept. 7th, 2019

Man, I loved Urban Reign... what an underrated gem of a game... right up there with Viewtiful Joe. Anyhow, I'd say the protagonist Brad Hawk might be one of the weakest aspects of the game, sadly. He's not too terrible of a design, but... he has issues. Look at this dude. Look into his eyes. Brad Hawk has seen things. Things you never want to see. lmaoooo 

His name cracked me up the first time I played Urban Reign (along with pretty much everything else in the game)... but mostly in a good way. I'm not sure that his sleazy snakeskin jacket is really working for him (where did he even buy that?)... but I suppose Brad's "gritty" appearance does suit the setting of the game. What saves him as a design is that Namco gave him a hard-hitting, badass moveset and fighting style. The dude's a well-rounded fighter. Brad will Muay Thai roundhouse kick you in the head, then powerbomb your ass to the pavement! ^o^ Once Brad starts bashing skulls, his mediocre look can be forgiven. Seriously, if you missed Urban Reign, you missed a party game better than Smash.

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