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Shun Ying Lee
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The leader of Chinatown and the Chinese Triads. When her father died, he passed down command to Shun Ying Lee. Her younger brother, Lin Fong Lee, however, was not pleased with this decision. She is currently having a gang war with Dwayne and his gang, the Zaps. Shun Ying's fighting style, "Kung Fu," is based on Baguazhang and resembles Ling Xiaoyu's style. In addition, her Chinese Sword fighting style is also quite similar to Chai Xianghua's.


Urban Reign

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Page Updated:  Apr. 24th, 2023

Meet the token ass-kickin' Asian girl of Urban Reign who fights like Ling Xiaoyu and Xianghua. What's not to like? Tekken and SoulCalibur fans, I hope you didn't miss out on Urban Reign, because characters like Shun Ying Lee make it worth it. 

Shun Ying Lee is a bit underdeveloped as a design, but her outfit suits Urban Reign visually. I was hoping she'd get more character development in the game, but her fighting style and animations do most of the talking. Her relationship with her badass brother, Lin Fong Lee, is one of my personal favorite story elements in Urban Reign.

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