Lin Fong Lee


Shun Ying's younger brother and only son of the Chinese Triads leader. After Shun Ying was chosen to become the next ruler in Chinatown, Lin Fong decided to round up his own gang to fight back Shun Ying and her gang. Being very ruthless and cruel, he is quite the opposite of his older sister. It is possible that he was responsible for the murder of his father. His hand-to-hand combat style is a mix between Chinese Kenpo and Choy Lee Fut.

Lin Fong's hand-to-hand fighting style is similar to Tekken's Feng Wei. In addition, Lin Fong's Broadsword fighting style is similar to Soul Calibur's Hwang Seong-Gyeong and Hong Yun-Seong.


Urban Reign





Page Updated:  Dec. 18th, 2020

Lin Fong Lee is a badass Triad boss... simple and to the point. He's a perfect fit for the game. Fong is easily one of the most charismatic characters of Urban Reign. Not to mention, he's got an awesomely stylish, well-animated martial arts-based fighting style. He's got some of Feng Wei's hard-hitting moves... so Feng mains will approve. Fong is one of the few characters of Urban Reign who I think could actually make a solid crossover to the Tekken series. (I highly doubt that would ever happen, but I'd approve the fan service).

On a side note, Fong's relationship with his hot sister, Shun Ying Lee, is a pretty interesting element portrayed in the Urban Reign storyline.

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