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Douglas Mckinzie


After being discharaged from the military for abandoning his post, he formed the Shadow Platoon. He is a fan of brute force and chaos, and answers calls from underground networks.


Urban Reign






Page Updated:  Mar. 10th, 2023

Mr. Mckinzie definitely doesn't look like a dude you don't wanna pick a fight with on the street... unless you dress like Brad Hawk, of course. Brad ain't scared. In any case, the typical joe should probably never (100% of the time) ever pick a fight an en EX MILITARY dude. Especially not an old one whose been around. Do a background check before getting into fisticuffs with ol' Doug. We don't even know what military or country the dude is from. Holy sh*t, this dude is shady.

FUN FACT: This might be the most anyone has ever written about this random Urban Reign character. Thanks for reading my shit and visiting this website. :) Anyway, Doug is pretty boring visually... but believable. And like all other Urban Reign characters, he lets his fists do the talking and doesn't mess around. I bet he knows of Guile.

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