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Fei Pusu
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Recently, Hom's condition has worsened. In the middle of training, Hom would stop moving and he had to be fixed. Suddenly Fei remembered that the special Molmoran Stone was actually the Royal Stone. The point is, Hom is a robot powered by the Royal Stone that Fei obtained after he won the 66th Tournament. Perhaps the stone's power has become weak. The only way to get another Royal Stone is by winning the Tobal No. 1 Tournament. Fei Pusu's design takes some inspiration from Master Roshi of Dragon Ball fame.

Tobal No. 1



Tobal 2


Page Updated:  May 6th, 2024

Old martial arts master with... a mohawk? That's actually a first, and I kinda hope it's a last. lol. From what I remember, Fei adds some subtle comic relief to the Tobal roster and has some pretty cool martial arts moves. Shoutouts to Master Roshi!

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