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Fo Fai
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Fo is an ancient, bloodthirsty assassin, but often disguises himself as a kindly magician. He participated in the first two Toshinden tournaments and afterwards, visited Bayhou. He passed down his iron claws to the creature and trained him in his fighting style.

It is believed that Fo was then killed by Bayhou, since he carries a skull on his back that resembles the shape of Fo's head and also because Fo's model used as a hidden outfit for Bayhou depicts him as a zombie with a bloody claw mark on his back.

Battle Arena Toshinden



Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Battle Arena Toshinden 3



Page Updated:  Apr. 26th, 2024

Fo is a pretty unique and interesting "freak / old guy" hybrid design, and a pretty memorable character from the Toshinden series. His special & super moves in particular were very original for the time. His move where he crawls on top of that huge plasma orb thing is one of the best moves in the game (and hilarious when he rings himself out)! See GIF.  ^____^

He's also got some interesting similarities with Art of Fighting character Lee Pai Long. It's mostly the claws... but I could imagine both of them learning their craft at the same dojo. ;) 

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