Gaia was an elite member of the Secret Society; a criminal organization that sponsored the Toshinden tournaments. However, when one of his co-workers, Uranus, learned that he had held the first tournament without the approval of the organization, she branded him a traitor and marked him for death. However, he escaped and went into hiding.

One year later, Gaia received an invitation to participate in the second tournament. He reunited with his long-lost daughter Ellis and entered the tournament with her, hoping to get revenge on Uranus. At the end of the tournament, they were successful in destroying her and the Secret Society with the other fighters. However, Gaia then discovered that he was being targeted by the Organization, a long-time rival group of the Secret Society. He entered the tournament hosted by the Organization with Ellis, in order to help bring it down.


Battle Arena Toshinden



Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Battle Arena Toshinden 3

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Page Updated:  May 20th, 2019

Big sword. Cool face armor. I like this guy. Gaia was a solid boss for the Battle Arena Toshinden series. I remember I unlocked him (or used a code) to play as him in the first Toshiden. He has some sick and over-powered projectiles. And he also had those creepy shoulder-claws in the first game. Kinda weird but okay. lol.

His design was revamped nicely in Toshinden 2 where he became a "normal" character and not so much a boss. While is visual design was good, his in-game animation was pretty choppy and mostly kinda shit. lol. In Toshinden 3, he appeared a lot bigger and tougher, so his design improved again. Gaia's special moves were always kinda under-developed, but I do like his high-flying ground stab move. Good pose. Visually, he's one of the coolest-looking character designs of the Toshinden series. However, he's a good example of a fighting game character whose animation never lived up to his appearance.

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