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Shotaro Kadonashi
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He is the grandmaster of the Kadonashi Dojo. In pursuit of the, "American dream," he traveled to the U.S. from Japan and opened his very own Dojo. Kadonashi is not fluent in English. The Karate style that Kadonashi uses is Kyokushinkai. Many of his moves are directly based on or taken from TEKKEN's Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima's fighting styles.


Urban Reign

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Page Updated:  Dec. 18th, 2020

C'mon... I know you pick the legit Karate-fighter in that stupid UFC game that your "non-serious-fighting-game-friend" is begging you to play... (then quits playing in 2 months). lol. Yeah? Good, you're like me then. That means you also love Shotaro Kadonashi whether you know it or not. Kadonashi is reason to play Urban Reign. The dude has a variety of Kazuya's and Jin's moves... if that doesn't wet your appetite, I'm afraid that either you "hate fighting games" or "have no sense of what real martial arts should look like". Did that sound biased? It's not. Learn how to punch for real. K? :)

"Shotaro the shoto" is an insta-like for Tekken players & epic fan service. I could tell by one of the early Urban Reign screenshots (before game details were out) that Kadonashi was in Kazuya's stance. This actually confirmed the game will use inspirations & animations from Tekken (which got me hype). And I wasn't disappointed. ;) Anyhow, Shotaro looks like a badass fighter and didn't have time to change out of his Karate uniform before having to kick some thugs asses in the street! Yaaaah! Like most fighting game / beat-em-up karate dudes, his moveset could either make or break him. Thankfully, Shotaro is the real deal. Besides, he's the next best thing besides actually having Kaz or Jin in the game. lol.

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