Jin Kazama
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At the age of 15, Jin found out that he was Kazuya Mishima's son. At the same time, he lost his mother, Jun Kazama. Jin trained himself under the supervision of Heihachi with the intention of defeating the "God of Fight" (Ogre), who supposedly killed his mother. Heihachi was not only his grandfather, but a reliable teacher. Four years have passed. Having mastered the Kazama style of Judo and Mishima style fighting karate, Jin starts to take action as a martial artist.

During the events of Tekken 3, Jin defeats his mother's murderer, True Ogre. Just seconds after his victory, Jin is attacked by Heihachi and the Tekken Force, and he is shot multiple times. As Jin is succumbing to death, Heihachi shoots Jin in the head, "killing" his own grandson. However, when Heihachi turns his back and walks away, he sees the bodies of several Tekken Force members fly past him, and turns around to see Jin morphed in his devil form, Devil Jin. Jin slams Heihachi through a stone wall, then hurls him down into the ground violently. Outside, Jin spreads his wings and flies off into the night. Heihachi sits up and watches as his grandson, evidently heir of the cursed Devil Gene, fly away.

During the time of Tekken 4, Jin trains in Brisbane, Australia. Day after day, Jin trained in the traditional art of karate, his face hidden by the hood of his jacket. Ever since his betrayal by Heihachi, Jin loathed anything related to the Mishimas - his lineage, his fighting style, the Devil Gene in his blood... everything. Thanks to the dojo master's training, Jin unlearned the Mishima-ryu fighting style and mastered the art of traditional karate. Jin burned with desire to destroy the evil Mishima bloodline. Upon hearing rumors of The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 4, Jin hardened his resolve to enter the Tournament.

Near the end of Tekken 4, tournament officials sent Kazuya a message: "The winner of Round 7 by default is Kazuya Mishima. Please proceed to the final stage." Though Kazuya sensed Heihachi's hand in Jin Kazama's disappearance, a fearless grin crept upon his face as he headed towards the final stage. While on his way to fight Kazuya, Jin was ambushed by the Tekken Force. Jin brought down scores of them--but was eventually captured and taken away. After being captured by Heihachi's Tekken Force, Jin was held captive at Hon-Maru. While in a drug-induced haze, Jin struggles with the demon inside of him and the repeating voice of his father, Kazuya. "Give in to the anger," "Hate me," and "Curse me," are all that Jin hears through the echoing laughter of his father. Once Jin finally wakes, he finds himself hanging by chains from two pillars. Jin comes to his senses, breaks the chains, and gathers his strength. With his goal in mind, Jin makes Kazuya pay for all his wrongdoings.

Jin leaves Kazuya lying on the floor, but now Heihachi, in an attempt to take Jin's Devil Gene for himself, challenges the youngest of the Mishima bloodline. The two fight, and Jin proves that he's too much for Heihachi to handle. With Heihachi in his clutches, Jin's anger consumes him, and his wings sprout from his back. Rearing back to deliver the final blow to Heihachi, Jin catches an image of his mother, Jun Kazama. The very sight of his mother is enough to calm the demons inside him, and Jin releases Heihachi, telling him to thank Jun for his spared life. Jin then stretches his wings and bursts through the roof, leaving behind a single white feather in the midst of a dozen black ones.

Shortly after the events of Tekken 4, Jin is awakened by an unknown voice. He looks around him to find a forest completely destroyed, and he knew he was the one who did it. Returning to Yakushima, Jin was plagued by nightmares triggering the devil gene. "If these keeps eating away at me, I don't know how long I can hold on," says Jin. Jin sets out on a journey to end this evil, with destiny as his only guide.

Upon defeating his great grandfather Jinpachi Mishima in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Jin became the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Jin brought chaos and suffering across the globe using the Tekken Forces to get rid of each county's military power and take control of their energy resources, even their space colonies. After all that was done, the Mishima Zaibatsu declared itself an independent nation and declared war against all who opposed them. It seemed that the Mishima Zaibatsu would conquer the entire world until another power finally opposed Jin's organization. G-Corporation, led by Kazuya Mishima, puts a bounty on Jin Kazama's head. Almost as if Jin was expecting that G-Corporation would get involved, he immediately announced The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 6.

After defeating Azazel at the end of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, Jin encounters his father, Kazuya, who is waiting outside the temple. After a fierce battle, Jin manages to defeat him. Afterwards, a helicopter appears with Nina, Jin's hired bodyguard, standing in the doorway. Suddenly, she drops from the helicopter and his grandfather, Heihachi appears, challenging Jin for the claim of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Jin defeats Heihachi, and as he stands over his grandfather's body, the temple starts to crumble. The Tekken Force takes Jin to safety as the temple collapses, taking Kazuya and Heihachi with it. Ruins are all that's left where the temple had once been.
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Tekken 3

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Page Updated:  May 14th, 2024

Kazuya was a solid design in early fighting game history, and Jin faithfully followed in his father's footsteps. Namco really delivered when they needed a "cool" new hero for the series; as Jin replaced Kazuya in Tekken 3 (which were big shoes to fill). In Tekken 4, Jin became more of his own character, not only due to the advancements made to his fighting style, but in the storyline as well.

Jin's fluid and stylish karate-based moves in Tekken 5 & 6 redefined his design even further. His new "evil" persona in Tekken 6 works for him quite well, if you ask me. Now ALL the main protagonists Tekken are "bad guys"... gotta love it. >:) Jin has come a long way, gone through several good (and bad) outfits, but as long as he still wears his vintage flame pants, there's no stopping him. In my opinion, the most crucial part of his design is his authentic fighting style. Anyone who appreciates traditional karate or trained in any traditional striking martial art can fully appreciate Jin Kazama's moves right from the start... a very smart move by Namco. This respect to authenticity is one of the main reasons I love Tekken.

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