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Oliems' master entered the Tobal No. 1 Tournament. However, his opponent was a Kittaiku-seijin (Epon's father) who beat him, showering him insults like "Chicken Bastard". Not only was the name of the famous military champion humiliated, but rumors of the Kientakku-seijin's weakness began to spread.  In order to restore Kientakku-seijin pride and honor, Oliems joins the Tournament aiming for the championship. (Note: Kientakku-seijin approximates to Kentuckian in English, a little bit of Toriyama humor).

Tobal No. 1



Tobal 2


Page Updated:  May 11th, 2019

Oliems... Oliems might be one of the main reasons I never got into the Tobal series. First of all... First of all, what the hell kind of name is Oliems? Are we trying to make money with this video game or just make a joke? Because maaan seriously... what is this giant, steroid-addict CHICKEN MAN doing in this fighting game? I love this game. Jk. A human could've only come up with this design while taking some seriously expensive mind-altering drugs... which also makes me question Akira Toriyama's inspiration on the Dragonball Z series. lol. Funny stuff.

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