Unknown appears to be a tortured soul which has been enslaved by the "Forest Demon" (which takes the form of a wolf-like appearance and appears behind her in fights, controlling and mimicking her actions). Unknown also has a symbol tattooed on her upper right arm which resembles that of Jin Kazama's, and can use different fighting styles, though her fighting style defaults to that of Jun Kazama. In the Tekken 6 official art book, it states that "Unknown was first cast as Jun's younger sister in the story setting, but this was later dropped."

Unknown appears as a woman with short, black hair and glowing yellow eyes. Her default costume appears to have her otherwise nude body mostly covered in black, shiny body paint or oil, as if she had been submerged in it to her chest. Her second, alternate costume shows her dressed in the burnt, ripped remains of a white dress, with bandages wrapped around her arms, shins and instep.
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Tekken Tag Tournament


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Tekken Hybrid, Tekken Tag Tournament 21

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Page Updated:  Oct. 31st, 2023

I thought the design team would've eventually explained Unknown's purpose & storyline in Tekken 4 or even later, but they didn't... leaving this design up to our imaginations. She's an original design at the least and is a cool & sexy boss in Tekken Tag Tournament. Her reappearance in TTT2 was equally as cool, and surely a fan service to old school Tekken fans. Some of her new movies and abilities are insane, making her a naturally cool final boss. (For the record, she's super easy to beat though). 

On a side note: I wonder if she's somehow related to ZWEI. They have an eerily similar wolf demon friend. 

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