Condor Heads


Condor Heads is a Native American who fights using a powerful grappling style. In the 1994 prototype of Breakers, titiled Crystal Legacy, he was known as Red Gigars. This name was later given to his clone counterpart in Breakers (when two players choose the same character). Red Cigars is distant relative of Condor whose clan shares a common ancestry with Condor's. He possesses the so-called "Gem of Earth".




Breakers Revenge


Page Updated:  May 31st, 2016

Condor is basically a fusion of Zangief and T. Hawk when it comes to his moveset and appearance, but he's not quite as cool as either of them. Yeah, he's definitely a generic and stereotypical Native American fighter from the 90's... what more can you really say about him? A few of his moves aren't bad, I like his 360 throw and his sliding dropkick (ahead of his time on that move). Other than that, he's a pretty much a bore as a fighting game character. 

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