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Zangief is a Russian wrestler known as "The Red Cyclone". He impressed the president of the (then) USSR, Gorbachev, so much that he was hired by the government and soon became a national hero. Under orders from Gorbachev, Zangief was sent to combat the forces of Shadaloo, which is beginning to spread its corruption into Russia. Zangief encountered many fighters along the way, and ended up befriending a few of them, such as E. Honda and R. Mika.
After he was defeated in the second World Warrior Tournament, he returned to training in the Russian wilderness, wrestling bears. Eventually, he was approached by the largest wrestling organization in the world with an eye to signing the "Red Cyclone" to their promotion. Zangief declined at first, and said that he is less interested in money than he is in bringing honor to Russia by demonstrating Russian strength. He is promised a stage to better showcase his skills, with his matches watched by millions. Due to the obvious help this will bring to his will to show Russian strength, Zangief accepted. Years later, Zangief entered the World Tournament held by S.I.N. to prove to his young fans (some of whom are beginning to claim that martial artists are better) that he's still got it.
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Street Fighter 2

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Page Updated:  Apr. 29th, 2024

RESPECT THE GIEF. Zangief is the original pro-wrestler / powerhouse of Street Fighter. He single-handedly made the spinning piledriver a legendary pro wrestling move. Kenny Omega was inspired by this guy. Gief put "360 throws" on the map, in terms of how the move is performed on a controller. This is what it "feels like" to play a grappler in a fighting game... it's fun doing a 360 motion.

Visually, Zangief started off as a fairly plain-looking yet memorable character, but his design was majorly fleshed out in later games... beginning with Alpha. Along with getting cool new moves, Gief eventually became somewhat of a comic relief character (in addition to being a 300+ lb. freak who can smash your skull in, so you better take him seriously while laughing at his jokes). Even though he's a funny guy, Gief managed to retain his coolness & intimidation factor all the while, and he's only gotten bigger and badder with each sequel. Zangief looks great in pretty much every game (except for Capcom Fighting Jam). lol. Personally, I think he should wear his red cape more often! It's such a cool part of his design (usually only seen during his SFA sprite intro). Anyway, SF just wouldn't be the same without him. Gief is a icon! Also, he wrestles bears.

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