Nagoriyuki is described as a noble vampire samurai who wields a bloodsucking blade. He wears a white mechanical mask which resembles a Japanese hannya mask and fights with two katana. The name Nagoriyuki is Japanese for "lingering snow," a sentimental phrase referring to out of season snowfall during the spring. Nagoriyuki's name is likely an homage to the famous 1975 folk song "Nagori Yuki" by IRUKA, originally performed by the band Kaguya Hime in 1974.


Guilty Gear -Strive-






Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2020

I'm gonna be honest... as usual. Nagoriyuki is one of the "most hype" new fighting game character designs of 2020. Probably the most hype. Interestingly, his final design debuted at the same event as Leroy Smith - another badass character. (Arc System Works and Bamco did not plan that, I can tell you.) So ironic, but not surprising, since great minds think alike. ;)

Anyhow, whatever your thoughts are about the gameplay of Guilty Gear STRIVE... it matters not. Look at this character. Have you seen his animations? This level of samurai-badass has not yet appeared in the Guilty Gear series. ( Baiken didn't really have many real traditional samurai moves.) This guy is like a next-gen futuristic SamSho character. And to that I say... HELL YES. I'm playing this game. Day one main! That's how cool Nagoriyuki is. He single-handedly brought a ton of hype to GGST and I think he'll be one of the stars of the roster.  

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