Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

After defeating the threat known as the Universal Will, Sol Badguy enjoyed a brief moment of peace... Until he heard the shocking news. Asuka R. Kreutz, known as "That Man" who left his mark as the worst criminal in all of history by creating Gears and initiating the Crusades, surrendered to the U.S. government. The man who turned him into a Gear... while Sol now sought revenge on him, he was once a close friend. Trying to guess Asuka's true intentions, Sol stood up with his weapon in hand. ...The time had come at last to settle his fate with Asuka R. Kreutz!
ABOUTAt EVO 2019, legendary series designer and composer Daisuke Ishiwatari announced a brand new installment of Guilty Gear is on its way in 2020. In November '19, the official title for the project was announced. Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is described by Ishiwatari as neither an evolution nor a return to roots... but a "brand new experience" for fans of Guilty Gear and a "full-frontal confrontation with the essence of the Fighting Game genre".


Don't let this image fool you... GGST is HYPE.

In 2020, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco formed a partnership, with Guilty Gear -STRIVE- being the first ASW fighting game to be published by Bandai Namco. Here's a few words from Director Daisuke Ishiwatari on the partnership: "We are pleased to announce that Bandai Namco Entertainment will be distributing the latest title in the Guilty Gear series, Guilty Gear -Strive-. I'm surprised the chit-chat I have exchanged with Harada-san a few years ago has come to fruition. I hope our partnership will bring new joy to more users in Europe and Asia. We are working hard with Bandai Namco Entertainment to get people in Europe & Asia to play Guilty Gear more than ever before. Please look forward to it!"



Guilty Gear -STRIVE- will retain the same traditional
button layout from past installments (Punch, Kick, Slash, Heavy Slash, and Dust), but new inputs will be used for Throws and Dashing. The Roman Cancel system will also be different and "simplified". However, some old style of inputs for certain techniques will still work as they did in previous installments. -STRIVE- also features a new "Stage Transition" feature, where a player can break their opponent through an invisible wall into a new area.


Guilty Gear STRIVE's newcomers? Beyond compelling designs, as expected!

The cleverly-hidden "IV" within Guilty Gear STRIVE's logo implies Arc System Works considers this game to be the fourth X series installment (after X, XX, and Xrd) and/or fourth main series game (after 1, 2, and 3). A PS4 closed beta took place in April 2020. The current release window for Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is "Late 2020".



Guilty Gear STRIVE Offline Modes / Details:
  Arcade Mode - Core mode of the game, where players fight against CPU-controlled characters. Depending on player skill, opponents will change, and in some cases a third character might jump into the fray to help turn the tide of battle. And at the end of the line the boss character awaits. And as the fully voiced dialog* changes depending on which story route is chosen, players can experience a number of different scenarios.

  Versus Mode - Mode where players can fight against each other either locally or online or test their skills against CPU-controlled opponents. Players can also choose the skill level of computer-controlled characters. Graphs with analytics will be displayed on the result screen to help players understand their strengths and weaknesses after each battle.

  Tutorial Mode - This is where those new to the series can learn the fundamental mechanics found in the game while enjoying the friendly banter between Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske, the two main characters of Guilty Gear -Strive-. In a change from previous games, instead of completing individual trials, players can get appropriate advice from the characters on the screen depending on the skill level of each player.

  Mission Mode - This is the mode for players who want to dive in deeper into the game systems and combos found in Guilty Gear -Strive-. By completing the challenges found in Mission Mode, players can develop skills that can be taken into battles against offline and online foes. As players earn points, the game will suggest what they should try next, such as practicing against CPU-controlled characters or facing off against other players.

  Training Mode - The mode where players can practice moves without worrying about time or HP constraints. There are a number of features available to help players improve such as command lists complete with example videos and descriptions for newcomers, and recording and automatic counterattack settings for advanced players. In addition, there is the new “combo recipe” function that allows players to save and share custom combos.

■  Survival Mode - Mode where players will face never-ending waves of CPU-controlled opponents until their character runs out of HP. Managing health is the key to excelling in this mode as HP is only sparingly replenished and CPU enemies will increase in difficulty. By keeping a winning streak alive, players can reach the highest levels of the online leaderboard.

Page Updated: July 21st, 2021
Developer(s): Arc System Works, Team Red
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco
Designer(s): Daisuke Ishiwatari      Lead Director 
Takeshi Yamanaka      Producer
Artwork By: Daisuke Ishiwatari
Platform(s): Arcade, PS4, PS5, PC (Steam)
Release Date(s): April 6th, 2021      Ultimate / Deluxe Editions
April 9th, 2021
      Standard Edition
Characters Sol-Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff, Potemkin, Faust, Millia Rage, Zato-1, Ramlethal Valentine, Leo Whitefang, Nagoriyuki, Giovanna, Anji Mito, I-No, Goldlewis Dickinson
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First Impression:

Visually, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is another groundbreakingly beautiful 2.5D title from Arc System Works... no surprises there. ASW fighting games are so pretty, that with every new 2D fighter announced by another developer, there are approximately 5 to 200 comments from fans asking: "Why can't ArcSys make (*insert game title here*) in their graphics engine instead?" There's no denying Arc System Works continues to revolutionize the idea of a "2D fighting game" with advancements to their incredible 3D graphics engine... and STRIVE is pulling no punches in the visuals department. It's already one of the best-looking fighting games ever made!

BETA IMPRESSIONS:  Thanks very much to Arc System Works for inviting me to the 1st and 2nd open betas! Gameplay-wise, GGStrive is an intriguing step backwards in terms of complexity and speed. As a lover of traditional 2D fighters like Street Fighter, I invite the slower pace (which definitely isn't "slow") and streamlined experience with open arms. I feel like I can actually "play" this game competitively... unlike some of the "hyper-air-dash-happy, easy-corner-trap-death-juggle" installments of the past. I enjoy STRIVE's wall break system aesthetically and mechanically (reminds me of TEKKEN 7's), but I think being able to continue a combo after a wall break would make the system more fun and break up the monotony.

GGST's redesigned characters and vastly updated movesets are definitely worth a look for any 2D fighting game fan, even if you were never into Guilty Gear. I quickly fell in love with Chipp Zanuff's speedy play-style and badass new ninja tech. There's a character (or two) for every type of player, and characters have enough options for players to find their own unique groove and playstyle with them.

Guilty Gear
seems to be looking for a new "identity" with this installment. With a slightly less emphasis on air juggles and typical zoning tech from past installments, some returning series veterans may feel that STRIVE doesn't "feel" like Guilty Gear. However, I think for the game and active player base to grow... somewhat simplifying the classic formula makes the game much more inviting for all types of fighting game players.

STRIVE is easily the most accessible Guilty Gear title to date, and if you were ever on the fence on trying out the series... now is a perfect time to jump in. It's pretty cool that STRIVE seems like a reboot, with the roster from the original game intact. Even so, the drastic redesigns of the original cast makes STRIVE look and feel like a brand new game (with a superb art direction)... as opposed to Xrd's "fleshed out" GGXX roster. STRIVE feels like a "complete" game at launch, and the quality gameplay experience (and netcode) will easily make it one of the headliners of the fighting genre in 2021 / 2022.

~TFG Webmaster | @Fighters_Gen

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