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Happy Chaos, or simply Chaos for short, is a mysterious gunslinger who makes his playable debut in Guilty Gear -STRIVE- series who discovered the Backyard and influenced the history of the world under various aliases. His name first appeared during the events of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.
At some point during the Crusades, he discovered I-No in the Backyard and took half of her power in order to prevent her from becoming an entity transcending time, which could create a paradox threatening the very existence of the universe. The Universal Will, unable to directly attack the Original, then stole that power and fused it with him, transforming him into a devilish anomaly. Burdened with omnipotence and now carrying all of humanity's hope towards living, he lost interest in concepts like good and evil, instead creating conflict to amuse himself and remind humankind of their own humanity.

During the Crusades he would depart the Backyard in spirit form to wreak havoc, manipulating the populace to sow chaos and destruction, resulting in countless deaths including the massacre of Baiken's friends and family. Among those he manipulated during this time was the vampire Nagoriyuki. Many of his actions during the Crusades were wrongly attributed to the mysterious individual known as That Man.

Happy Chaos was released from Ariels's body by I-No, with the pair departing the castle grounds before Ky Kiske arrived with more Illyrian soldiers. Outside, Chaos revealed to I-No his desire to make her a god, explaining that he exists for a reason and that despite most of the universe being undiscovered, the only thing that really interests him is drama. He then used his magic to materialize a red convertible and the pair set out.

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