Goldlewis Dickinson


Goldlewis Dickinson first appeared in the story mode of Guilty Gear -Strive- and later as a playable character. With the moniker "The Secretary of Absolute Defense," he is the right hand of president Colin Vernon and formerly of Erica Bartholomew. It's possible his last name is a reference to Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the metal band Iron Maiden.

Guilty Gear -Strive-






Page Updated:  July 28th, 2021

STRIVE's newcomers aren't holdin' back, son. This is exactly the type of character I want to play. Completely different from every other fighting game character to date. (Still 100% original FG content in 2021! Thank you ASW.) Absolutely sick normals, beautiful key frames, animation, cool, hilarious, John Goodman... Big Lebowski? (Good movie, back when movies used to be good.) Goldlewis is mad about something and I'm right there with him. I don't know why but I need to support this guy (and main him). Team U.S.A. baybeh. 'Merica!

Bob was a funny American stereotype, but Gold takes it next-level. (He could be Bob's great great great grandson if the Tekken and Guilty Gear universes are the same?) Stranger things have happened in fighting games. His hilarious visual design is expected ASW brilliance, but his moveset design, silly amount of HCF inputs, & animation? 5/5.
out-of-this-world. I've never seen such a great American fighting game character since Guile. He must also drive an old Mustang, own the latest Xbox (so he can't play Guilty Gear STRIVE), and eat burgers, too. I'm American so I can laugh. Brilliant design any way you look at it. There are so many possible "takes" on this design... but I like him. Thanks for reading my reviews.

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