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Nelson is a boxing prodigy who suffered an accident that cost his arm. He was quickly able to replace it with a state-of-the-art mechanical prosthesis and enters the tournament to vie for the championship. It's implied that he is waiting for a close relative to revive from a comatose state. He makes his debut in The King of Fighters XIV.


The King of Fighters XIV




Page Updated:  June 12th, 2019

Pugilism-based 2D fighting game characters are always entertaining, to me at least. As a Steve Fox main in TEKKEN for many years, I was pretty excited to give Nelson a spin. He's definitely a dynamic puncher, and a bit  "complicated" as a 2D character with various transitions and strings. He's not as intuitive to pick up as other boxing characters, but he does have some hard-hitting punches which look good in the KOF XIV animation style.

Design-wise, I think SNK tried to make him "stand out" a bit too much. Nelson - "Heeey, look at me... I'm wearing 6 different colors and I have red hair". Yeah, Nelson definitely won't get hit by a car at night walking home from the boxing gym. He's fairly decent at the end of the day, but I honestly would've been way more hype by the return of Rick Stroud or Vanessa in KOF14. Those two designs have Nelson's number.

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