Popura Hananokoji


Popura Hananokoji is the daughter of Kurara Hananokoji. She makes her first and only appearance in Groove On Fight, sharing many of her mother's traits. Popura has learned from her mother all of her magic tricks and fighting techniques.

Her father has been traveling since she was a baby. Her dream is to see her father, so she decided to travel around the world with the hope to find him. Popura always takes with her a very special Teddy bear (Her father sent her that Teddy bear some years ago). Although the appearance of Popura is similar to that of her mother, her fighting style is completely different being the use of magic and her outfit the only similarity between them. Like Kurara, Popura uses different costumes during the game, but unlike Kurara (who changes her clothes in her victory poses), Popura changes costumes during many of her attacks.


Groove On Fight



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