Power Stone 2

STORY:  Set in the 19th century, strong believers of legends, myths and superstition search for fame, fortune and glory. One legend above all is sought after by many, a treasure which can make any dream come true. Believers from all over the world set out to search for this treasure, and are forced to fight against one another in pursuit of the legendary Power Stone.


Power Stone 2 character selection screen.

REVIEW:  Power Stone 2 is the sequel to Power Stone the innovative and strangely addicting free-roaming "go-anywhere, grab-anything" fighting game by Capcom. Power Stone 2 retains the charm of the original and brings back (nearly) the entire original cast, all while introducing 6 new playable characters and offering bigger, crazier, more interactive stages each with a variety of transitions.

As a console fighting game, Power Stone 2 has plenty of modes and options. Power Stone 2 features several different gameplay options, including: 1-on-1 (A two-character storyline game), Arcade (A four-character storyline game, with two-characters advancing each round), Original (Multiplayer mode, with free choice of characters and stages), and Adventure (An unpredictable storyline game, where players can collect items, cards and money).

Things are about to get real ugly.


The game features 5 different stages from the start, with 3 unlockable boss stages. The environmental interaction has no doubt taken a big step forward in Power Stone 2. All of the dynamic environments now "evolve" as the fight progresses... for instance, the airship stage starts on board the ship, which will eventually fall apart and force all the fighters to continue fighting as they skydive down to a floating platform where the battle will commence.

Item boxes are scattered across each stage in random places. Many of the items that can be used in gameplay first have to be unlocked in Adventure mode or created in the Item Shop. The items are incredibly diverse, some able to deal damage, and others with healing or defensive abilities. Some of the offensive items include: various guns, swords, hammers, bombs, etc. Defensive items include: food, shields, invisibility potions, and wings for super high jumps. The item boxes may also contain Power Stones, and when a fighter obtains 3 of them, he or she will transform into a super-powered alter-ego and have a considerable advantage over their opponents for a short (but significant) period of time.

Wang Tang unleashing the dragon!


There are two huge bosses waiting to encounter the player in Power Stone 2. The first is "Pharaoh Walker"
a huge sphinx-like robot. The second boss is "Dr. Erode" a giant green monster sitting at a table. The boss fights are challenging, but in my opinion, aren't nearly as fun as the 4-player mayhem that the multi-player mode offers. Like several other Dreamcast games, Power Stone 2 also includes a VMU application called the Mini-Book. This can be used to inspect the player's item inventory, or trade items with another player. Additionally, a player may register up to five items in their inventory as "Handy Items". These may then appear to the player in Original mode, offering a tactical advantage.





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Page Updated: March 22nd, 2022
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom / ,  Eidos Interactive
Designer(s): Hideaki Itsuno    Director
Eiichiro Sasaki    Planner
Akiman    Character Designer
Shinya Kuwajima    Art Director
Artwork by: Wsu
Platform(s): Arcade, Dreamcast, PSP   (in Power Stone Collection)
Release Date(s): 2000                                 Arcade
Apr. 27th, 2000       
Aug. 23rd, 2000      
Aug. 24th, 2000      
Characters Edward Falcon, Ayame, Wang Tang, Gunrock, Rouge, Galuda, Jack, Ryoma, Accel, Gourmand, Julia, Pete, Pride, Mel, Kraken

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Gameplay Engine  8.0 / 10
Story / Theme  6.0 / 10
Overall Graphics  8.5 / 10
Animation  8.0 / 10
Music / Sound Effects  6.0 / 10
Innovation  9.0 / 10
Art Direction  7.5 / 10
Customization  7.0 / 10
Options / Extras  8.5 / 10
Intro / Presentation  6.0 / 10
Replayability / Fun  8.5 / 10
"Ouch" Factor  8.0 / 10
Characters  7.0 / 10

 8.2 / 10

 Review based on Dreamcast version       


Final Words: If you enjoyed the first Power Stone, the sequel adds brings back more of the insanity that kept you playing the first time around. While Power Stone 2 is an improvement over the original and a noteworthy title on the Dreamcast, the "gimmick" seems slightly overdone this time... in some ways.

The evolving stages are probably my favorite part of the game, as they're an innovative aspect to the genre... but still, it becomes redundant after a while. "Doesn't every fighting game become redundant?" No, actually. Higher skill ceilings and combo engines keep me playing fighting games for longer. Even for what it lacked, Power Stone 2 was pretty fun and solid for what type of game it is. On that note, there's really no other game quite like it!

If only Capcom put some crossover / guest characters into the game. That might've been cool... and if a sequel was ever made, I think that's the direction Capcom would've gone in. I could easily see any Megaman or Street Fighter characters in this engine. Imagine the glow-up for the new designs / transformations!

The quirky characters are arguably still the game's weakest link. While some of the designs are cool, the majority of the roster is pretty random, weird, and childish. (P.S. Is this a Nintendo game?) While some are cool, the roster of Power Stone 2 still leaves much to be desired. However, if you give the characters a chance, there's a lot of fun and entertainment to be had by gamers of all skill levels and ages.
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