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DNF Duel English Movelists


If you're planning on jumping into DNF Duel when it releases in two weeks (on June 28th), you might want to keep these official movelists handy! For your convenience, here are the English movelists for all 16 playable characters in the game revealed so far including the latest revealed fighter classes such as Enchantress, Swift Master, and Troubleshooter. Within the past two weeks, Nexon has revealed a total of four new characters for the game. [UPDATE] Added the English movelist for Lost Warrior, revealed on June 21st as DNF Duel's final boss and 16th playable character (unlockable by playing  through story mode).



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Catch up with all the most recent DNF Duel character trailers, details, artwork and more inside our previous articles for the game (below).
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Nexon revealed "Enchantress" as the 15th playable character to join DNF Duel's roster. The character's description in her gameplay reveal trailer reads: "She who inflicts endless agony upon her victims with curses and voodooism has arrived!"

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Today, Nexon revealed "Swift Master" as the 14th playable character coming to DNF Duel. Swift Master uses speedy tactics and the power of wind to subdue foes. Watch Swift Master's official reveal trailer inside!

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Nexon has finally launched the official website for DNF Duel (conveniently available in four different languages including English) which features high-res character artwork, character bios, and past trailers. The website also includes tabs for System Mechanics...

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DNF Duel Local / Online Modes

Nexon released another short DNF Duel teaser trailer ahead of the game's upcoming release next month. This trailer shows off more of the game's menu options and Local single-player modes, which include: Arcade, Survival, and Free Battle.

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