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The King of Fighters: All-Star SoulCalibur Collaboration Announced, Official Artwork


Bandai Namco's SoulCalibur series is the next crossover event coming to the mobile RPG, The King of Fighters: All-Star later this month. Netmarble announced 4 playable characters and 2 extra costume versions will be joining KOF: All-Star on December 22nd, 2022, and revealed official character artwork for Ivy Valentine, Taki, Seong Mi-Na, and Cassandra Alexandra. In the artwork, the ladies of SoulCalibur are seen wearing outfits based on their most recent appearance in SoulCalibur 6. Netmarble announced an official trailer and more details will be revealed "soon". Below, check out the first official promo art featuring the SoulCalibur ladies alongside KOF series weapon users, Whip and Chang Koehan. [UPDATE] Replaced all individual character artwork with higher quality / clean versions (thanks to @KOF_HD on Twitter).




In the tweet above, Netmarble linked to their official site for
The King of Fighters: All-Star SoulCalibur collaboration event. Higher quality / transparent versions of the above character artwork will be added when available. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates and continued coverage.
~TFG Webmaster, Frank Joseph | @Fighters_Gen


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