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Street Fighter 35th Anniversary Live Concert Announced for Japan, Streaming Worldwide


Capcom announced a first ever Street Fighter live concert event which will take place in Shibuya, Japan on Sunday, January 29th, 2023 (18:00 JST) to celebrate the series' 35th anniversary. The performers at the event will consist of several members of CAP-JAMS, Capcom's "official band" who previously released tracks in several modern titles, in addition to other musical talent. The concert will be held at the Line Cube Shibuya theater in Japan. While the concert has only been announced for Japan, it will be streaming live worldwide but requires the purchase of a streaming ticket. Below is official promotional art for the 2023 event.


From Capcom Japan: "A music event for Street Fighter will be held for the first time. The concert will be live streamed, and you will be able to watch the concert with a livestream ticket. A special band that consists of the performers who are active in many different fields and CAP-JAMS, the Capcom's official band, will be performing at the concert!

We will delve into the history of Street Fighter with a 'best hits' selection of the sound tracks that were arranged for the show. This concert will include a powerful combination of video visuals and live music! Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the live music of Street Fighter!"



Capcom's official band, CAP-JAMS, is composed of members from the Capcom sound team who work on game sound-related tasks on a daily basis. The members of the band are not fixed and change with each project in order to accommodate a variety of content.
Band members include: Kota Hatamiya (keyboard / synth), Ena Suzuki (keyboard / synth), Masayoshi Kikuchi (guitar), Yuki Uozumi (guitar), Sae Otake (bass), Ryo Ebihara (drums), Ryo Takada (percussion), Ryusuke Kanke (trumpet), Shiori Sato (trombone), and Madoka Nakazawa (saxophone / flute). 

Tickets to attend the January 29th, 2023 event in Japan will cost 3,500 Yen (about $24 USD). Additional details and information on how to purchase a streaming ticket to watch the concert live are available on the official website. Please stay tuned for continued coverage and more details as they are announced.

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