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Chun-Li, Ryu & Akuma Join Megaman X DiVE


Megaman X DiVE is an action-platform mobile game developed by Capcom Taiwan for iOS and Android. The title just announced a crossover event with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, featuring playable versions of Ryu and Chun-Li, in addition to a boss battle with Akuma (who becomes a playable character in October). Chun-Li and Ryu will have access to some of their iconic special moves, in addition to being able to use various blasters and other special weapons in the game. Other characters from Street Fighter will also be featured in the game as "Dive Cards" during the crossover event. The crossover begins on September 29th and runs until October 10th, 2021. Scroll down to check out character artwork of Chun-Li and Ryu, along with their gameplay reveal trailers.




[UPDATE] In October 2021, Akuma became a playable character. Check out Akuma's trailer and character artwork here.

Megaman X DiVE is now available on iOS and Android. A Steam version of the game is planned for release in Asia regions in the near future. You can read more details about the crossover and incoming missions on Capcom's official site.


 Sources:  Official SiteCapcom Taiwan (YouTube)         Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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