Thursday, May 27th, 2021

TEKKEN 7 - Virtua Fighter Mods Compilation (Video)


Looking back, it's almost easy to forget TEKKEN 7 was the first TEKKEN game on PC. Meaning... the first TEKKEN game to be compatible with mods. Like the competitive T7 community, the modding community has been off-the-charts good since the game's launch with many helpful (and cosmetic) user-created mods extending the enjoyment and lifespan of the game. This is getting deep. Even if you don't own the Steam version of TEKKEN 7, everyone can enjoy watching YouTube videos of epic (and sometimes hilarious) fighting game mods. In this case... check out some really cool Virtua Fighter x TEKKEN 7 mods from the community showcased in a compilation video put together by YouTuber and Tekken player, Buff Gigas (@BuffGigas).

As a bonus, here's another one by Gigas showing all kinds of "WTF" mods.
*Contains really bizarre mods that you can't unsee. You've been warned.


Gender Swap Edition is also a must-watch and closing in on 1 million views!


       Check out more great TEKKEN content over at Buff Gigas's YT channel.


 Source:  Buff Gigas (YouTube)@BuffGigas (Twitter)   

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