Wednesday, October 13th, 2021  

Fighters Gen Podcast Episode #8: ENTER MUSHIN


No, not M.U.G.E.N... "Mushin" is a clear mental state achieved by masters of martial arts and some artists. TFG Webmaster, Frank Joseph here. As an artist and former martial arts teacher of 20 years, I wanted to talk about philosophy of Mu-shin or "mind without mind" in my latest podcast. Not only can Mushin be incorporated into high-level fighting game competition and the creation of many types of art, but it can strengthen your mind in tough situations. In Episode 8 of the Fighters Gen Podcast, I also talk about recent updates to the website and how I've been doing lately. You can listen to this episode (and all 7 previous episodes) by joining our great community on Patreon which also helps support the longevity of The Fighters Generation website.

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