Allen Snider
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Long admired as the strongest karate fighter in America, Allen lost in his first match of the All American martial arts tournament. It was Ken Masters who defeated him, whom at that time was an unknown fighter. After the fight, Ken assured him that he was still a big fish in a little pond, and that he must battle on. Allen was inspired by the words of Ken, and renewed his training. He even developed new techniques based on Ken's such as the Soul Force (Hadoken) and the Rising Dragon (Shoryuken). Since then, Allen began traveling the world to prove that he's not only the "biggest fish in his pond," but also the "biggest in the ocean".
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Street Fighter EX

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Fighting Layer

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Page Updated:  Dec. 21st, 2016

Just when you thought Street Fighter had enough shoto fighters... along came Allen Snider... Twipol Bddaek!!! (Love that move!)  xD Considering his storyline and his messy brown/orange hair, I think it's safe to say that he's based off of young Chuck Norris... which makes him instantly cool, of course! ;)

Allen actually has some unique moves for a shoto, and I enjoyed using him in SFEX back in the day. Alas, I was greatly disappointed when he mysteriously didn't appear in the sequels to EX. WTF Capcom? :( Allen finally made his comeback in Fighting Layer, a very obscure 3D fighting game. Since this design is owned by Arika, it's unlikely he'll ever appear in a Street Fighter game again... but ya never know. Epic sideburns bro! 

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