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Sharon is the sister of Blair Dame. She is a known spy and assassin who carries a gun at all times. She rarely uses it, however, preferring to give her opponents a fair fight. Sharon uses a different fighting style than her sister, which emphasizes quick moves and throws. She has been hired by an unknown government to assassinate someone. The exact identity of her target is unknown, but it may be her sister.
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Street Fighter EX2

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Street Fighter EX3


Page Updated:  Oct. 22nd, 2016

In case you didn't know, Sharon is officially the first (and only) Street Fighter character to actually use a gun in gameplay... (dishonorable b*tch)! At the time of EX2's release, I found her to be somewhat interesting... yet "boring for a Street Fighter character" at the same time (in turn, making her interesting in a way?). At best, she has a "cool and modern" look & personality for a Street Fighter female, which is something the series arguably hadn't seen yet. In retrospect, she was a pretty ineffective character in the series. 

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