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Vulcano Rosso


Vulcano Rosso is a warrior who fights to avenge his girlfriend who was killed. He has the ability to create violent and dangerous attacks that utilize lava and volcanic eruptions. In Italian, his name literally translates to "Red Volcano".
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Street Fighter EX 2


Street Fighter EX 2


Page Updated:  Mar. 2nd, 2017

Well, he does resemble Maxi in more ways than one, but it's hard to tell if Vulcano was at all inspired by Maxi. Namco debuted Maxi in Soul Calibur which released in arcades on July 30th, 1998... Street Fighter EX 2 also came out in 1998 (not sure which month), so it's a bit of a conspiracy. 

Anyhow, at the time of his debut, at least Vulcano Rosso was an exciting design... and certainly something fans wouldn't expect from Street Fighter. He actually has a more "KOF" vibe about him. And on that note, good thing that his girlfriend is part of his storyline... because, well, people might think twice about him otherwise. lol. Nah, I think he's a cool character. He's got an interesting fighting style with some unique animations, and from what I remember, enabled you to trick up your opponents pretty well. His flashy clothing style sure is loud, but hey... to each his own.

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