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The man known as "Wolf" lived as a woodsman and hunter in the Canadian wilderness until he was discovered on a scouting trip by a professional wrestling promoter. A quiet man who loves nature, he has his gentle side. He is filled with fighting spirit, however. He was an instant star in the pro wrestling area, and successfully defended his title several times. Dissatisfied with the level of competition, however, he turned in his belt and retired from the ring. He entered the World Fighting Tournament in search of a rival worthy of his abilities.

Virtua Fighter

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Page Updated:  Dec. 5th, 2018

As the original professional wrestler of his series, Wolf always added a lot to Virtua Fighter and balanced out the cast . Over the years, his fighting style has developed nicely, with him receiving harder-hitting throws, among other cool-looking wrestling techniques. On the flipside, his personality isn't entirely defined and he says some pretty generic things (like the rest of the VF cast). His early outfits are pretty boring, but in the later of series he has some pretty awesome customizations. I like his long jacket thing that he wears... it looks pretty awesome during gameplay. ;) 

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