Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is a member of an all-female tribe of Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) who is sent to "man's world" as an ambassador. Among the Amazons she is known as Princess Diana (being the daughter of Amazon queen Hippolyta); in "man's world" she takes the secret identity of "Diana Prince." Her powers include super-strength, hand-to-hand combat ability, and sometimes (during the 1980s and 1990s) flight. She also makes use of her Lasso of Truth (which forces those bound by it to tell the truth), a pair of bullet-deflecting bracelets, and an invisible plane.
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Justice League: Task Force

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Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2

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Page Updated:  Feb. 10th, 2017

Personally, I never found Wonder Woman to be an interesting superhero. She's a classic and iconic symbol for "strong women" and all, but I always thought she was kind boring and a bit overrated as a design. As far as the strong woman thing goes, I think Rogue is a much deeper and more interesting character... for one. 

Anyhow, Wonder Woman's outfit is stupidly popular in America... I think all the Halloween costumes and stripper outfits kinda ruined integrity of the design. Anyway, Wonder Woman's MK VS DC appearance was pretty lame if you ask me. Some of her moves are just ridiculous and many of her animations are just plain horrible. On the bright side, her Injustice appearance faired a lot better and is easily her best fighting game incarnation to date (not that there was any competition). It's cool how she can change her moveset between her sword & shield and lasso... that was actually a good call by NetherRealm. On the flipside, her face is way to manly in Injustice. lol. I think her role in Injustice's story mode was also kinda insulting to any fan of hers. They gave so many obvious "charity lines" in an effort to force her importance in the story... C'mon guys. 

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