Friday, June 19th, 2020   

Street Fighter X TEKKEN What Happened? (VIDEO)


Popular Youtuber, Matt McMuscles, is known for his humorous yet informative "What Happened" video series - where he focuses on a particular game that had great potential, but didn't quite live up to the hype upon its release. Matt's latest What Happened video (below) features 2012's Street Fighter X TEKKEN, a promising and heavily-promoted 2.5D fighting game by Capcom that fits the description perfectly. In the video, Matt recalls the many ups and downs of SFXT, including: the much-disliked DLC gem system, the on-disc DLC controversy, and much more. Included in the video are Capcom's official responses at the time regarding some of the negative feedback SFXT received during its run. Matt's latest video is a great watch whether you loved or hated Street Fighter X TEKKEN... and also an enjoyable retrospective from a memorable era of fighting games.


In retrospect... I'd like to add that while Street Fighter X TEKKEN had obvious flaws and unnecessarily suffered after multiple missteps from Capcom, I've come to appreciate SFXT for its uniqueness, art style, heart, and great character roster. Not to mention, the pre-release CG trailers are still pretty amazing to this day!


Street Fighter x TEKKEN
was (and is) no doubt an interesting fighting game, and I can understand why it still has a fanbase out there. Compared to some fighting games from that era, I think SFXT actually aged pretty well in some ways.

Watch more of Matt McMuscles' What Happened series on his YouTube channel.


Source:  Matt McMuscles (YouTube) - (Twitter)
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