Thursday, January 9th, 2019  

Granblue Fantasy Versus Reveals RPG Mode Shop


2020's upcoming Arc System Works 2.5D fighter Granblue Fantasy Versus will contain a full-fledged RPG mode with huge boss battles, co-op gameplay, weapon unlocking, and more! In the Twitter video below, Cygames revealed a first look at the RPG mode shop, where you can buy new weapons, character colors, and more from Sierokarte's shop. You can unlock weapons by completing "quests" in RPG mode, but you can also purchase directly from Sierokarte. "If you don't have enough weapons for new attributes and want to strengthen, it's a good idea to buy them at the store," said Cygames.  "Support Actions" and "Colors" for characters can also be purchased with in-game currency in the RPG mode Shop.

          Below are recent GBVS trailers for Character Pass #1, Villains and RPG Mode.



          Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for Granblue Fantasy Versus news!


Source:  @GBVS_Official
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