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Capcom Girls 2021 B-SIDE LABEL Collab. Art by Jbstyle


Back in July 2020, freelance illustrator Jbstyle (who you might know from his ultra-stylish TEKKEN 7 character panels) drew stunning illustrations of Capcom heroines (including Chun-Li, Morrigan, Roll Caskett, and Jill Valentine) for an official line of Capcom x B-SIDE LABEL collaboration merchandise. Jbstyle recently shared "PART 2" of his official Capcom artwork on Twitter and Instagram, which highlights a different group of Capcom gals... this time starring fan-favorites such as Cammy, R. Mika, and Felicia.

Below, the individual B-SIDE LABEL Capcom Girls stickers now on sale at

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 Sources:  Jbstyle (Twitter)Jbstyle (Insta)B-SIDE Labele-capcom     TFG Twitter Post: @Fighters_Gen

Jbstyle Draws Capcom Girls in New B-SIDE Label Collaboration Artwork

You may know Japanese artist, Jbstyle, from his vibrantly original character illustrations appearing in TEKKEN 7. As a freelance artist, Jbstyle has done work for various other brands and events over the years. In his latest collaboration with a Japan-based sticker design / manufacturing company, B-SIDE LABEL, Jbstyle has drawn several fan-favorite Capcom heroines in his stunning art style.
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