POSTED:  Thursday, May 7th, 2020              (5/15/2020)

Iroha Joins Samurai Shodown May 13th, New Trailer


This morning, SNK announced May 13th, 2020 as the release date for Samurai Shodown (2019) Season 2 DLC character and Samurai Shodown VI veteran, Iroha. SNK's new gameplay footage for Iroha shows the Japanese maid in action for the first time since her debut appearance in 2005's Samurai Shodown VI, wielding her two butterfly swords. Similar to past trailers, Iroha's full gameplay trailer (below) demonstrates a portion of her movelist and also teases the return of her sexy and violent "Crane's Dance" super move. [UPDATE] Added TFG exclusive Iroha Story Mode playthrough (below).




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Source:  SNKgame
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